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The contours and biting surface textures of your teeth can sometimes trap concentrated bacterial deposits. These areas can sometimes be challenging to clean by brushing and flossing alone.

If you have a bad habit of skipping your dental exam and cleaning at Dr. Tony Hatch & Dr. Shivi Gupta‘s dentist office, the latent bacterial deposits can develop into a severe case of tooth decay. Left untreated the bacterial presence could penetrate deep into the tooth, causing an infection in the root or a gradually worsening toothache.

Sometimes a tooth in this desperate condition needs to be extracted and any bacterial fluid drained. After everything has healed, our dentist might recommend replacing the missing tooth with a dental bridge.

The treatment process requires removing the tooth enamel from the two surrounding teeth. A careful impression will be created to guide the technicians tasked with constructing your dental bridge from durable dental materials.

When it’s ready our dentist will cement the dental onto the two abutments with a strong dental adhesive. This will complete the treatment process to restore the basic function of the once badly decayed tooth.

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