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The size and severity of a chipped tooth can affect the level of discomfort it causes you when drinking beverages or eating a meal. Even if the fractured tooth doesn’t immediately cause pain, you should still have it examined and treated by a dentist like Dr. Anthony Hatch or Dr. Shivi Gupta.

Without professional attention, the aberrations in the tooth enamel can start to trap bacterial deposits. In time this could cause a large area of tooth decay to develop dangerously deep in the already affected tooth.

If the damage is limited to a single surface, Dr. Anthony Hatch or Dr. Shivi Gupta may be able to repair it by applying a dental filling. The specific material used for the dental filling will vary depending on the area’s visibility when you smile.

If the compromised area is highly visible, treating it might require a composite dental filling. This is a special type of dental resin that can be shaded to match the appearance of the surrounding tooth enamel. Once the dental filling material has been applied our dentist will harden it with a special type of ultraviolet light.

Going forward you might want to address the cause of the chipped tooth. This could involve using a protective mouth guard during sports, wearing a dental guard in your mouth when sleeping or addressing a bad oral habit.

If you live in the San Diego, California, area and you have a chipped or fractured tooth, we urge you to call 858-530-0300 to have it examined and treated at Scripps Rock Dental.