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Do you have a cavity? Before you schedule a dental filling, it’s useful to know more about them. Listed below are some key facts comparing composite and amalgam fillings.

– Dental amalgams are made of a combination of metals held together by mercury.

– Composite fillings are tooth-colored and made of composite resin.

– Dental amalgams are often used for larger cavities and back molars.

– Dental amalgams are typically sturdier and longer lasting than composite fillings

– Composite fillings are often used for smaller cavities in the front teeth, as they are more aesthetic.

– If a dental amalgam fails, it will need to be removed and replaced.

– If a composite filling is damaged, it can be repaired or replaced without removing the filling.

– If you are looking for a dental filling that blends in with the natural color of your teeth, composites are a better choice than amalgams as amalgams leave a metallic finish while composites can be shaded to better match your tooth color.

– If you are interested in a mercury-free dental filling, avoid dental amalgams and go with composite options instead.

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