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Bad oral habits like nervously nibbling on pens and pencils or chewing on other foreign objects can sometimes cause a fragment to break off. This could also occur if you improvise your teeth as tools.

In some of these instances, a fragment can become trapped in the gumline. If this happens it’s important to remain calm. You don’t want to further wound your gums or chip a tooth by panicking.

Pointed tools and toothpicks should never be used to remove something from your gumline. Sometimes a vigorous rinse with lukewarm saltwater is can dislodge the item. Carefully working waxed dental floss into the area might be able to remove it. The special coating on the strand might help to work around the object.

If the offending item is stuck firmly trapped in your gumline the wisest course of action is to seek emergency treatment from a dentist like Dr. Tony Hatch & Dr. Shivi Gupta. The tools and techniques at their disposal can help safely remove the foreign object from your gumline.

Going forward you might want to make a conscious effort to curtail the bad habit that caused the problem.

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