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Welcome to our gallery! We are pleased to be your talented and experienced dentists in San Diego, California, and surrounding areas. We invite you to explore our gallery to see the results we have helped our patients accomplish. To learn more about our comprehensive dental services and to make your appointment with our dentists, please call Scripps Rock Dental today at 858-530-0300.

Jeff came in with 25 year old veneers he had placed right before he was married. He didn’t like seeing the darker areas at the tops and had chipped a couple while surfing years back. We replaced all 12 veneers in a single visit and he was thrilled

Sarah had two old fashion crowns placed over 30 years ago and had always disliked how dark they were near the gums and how fake they looked in pictures. We replaced them with beautiful matching, natural crowns that blended into her smile. 30 years of dislike washed away in two hours. She was ecstatic!

Jill never liked her gap between her front teeth. Using Invisalign technology we closed the gap and straightened her smile in only 8 months without traditional braces or wires.

Sam had a very deep bite with crowding . He not only didn’t like his smile he was having a hard time keep the gums healthy because they were so tight. After 13 months in Invisalgn he had a smile he was proud of and flossing now is a snap and his gums look great!

Karen noticed her lower teeth getting crowded over the years. She used invisalgn to straighten them out. Making them pretty again and easier to care for.

Peter always though his teeth were too small for his 6 foot 5 frame. We placed 4 veneers in a single visit and he felt he finally had the right size smile to match his big personality.
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