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If you are thinking about getting your tongue or other part of your mouth pierced, you should consider the risks you are taking. There can be problem with infection and damage to your teeth and mouth.

The first thing to understand piercing can cause infections from the piercing, but secondary infections in the teeth, gums, lungs and throughout the body from complications leading to a variety of health problems. Before you have your tongue pierced, you need to make sure that the proper procedures for sterilization and infection control are being followed. Talk with our dentists, and your local health department before you decided to have your tongue pierced.

The jewelry used in tongue piercing can repeatedly strike your teeth, causing gaps between your teeth and cracks in the enamel. Bacteria can enter a tooth through these cracks and create tooth decay and infection. This may require a root canal or an extraction.

Other oral piercing complications can include:

-Excessive blood loss during piercing procedure
-An inflamed tongue which can compromise the airway
-Speech impediments
-Problems with chewing and swallowing
-Damage to gum tissue
-Excess saliva

If you would like to know more about the risks and dangers of tongue or mouth piercing, our dentists, Drs. Hatch, Gupta, Russell, will be happy to talk with you. Please contact Scripps Rock Dental to make an appointment at: 858-530-0300, or come by our office in San Diego, California.