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Are you aware that CEREC® dental crowns can be crafted and designed to cover and fully conceal damaged or broken teeth? CEREC dental crowns can give you an amazing smile if you are willing to receive it.

A CEREC crown is an enhancement over normal dental crowns because they eliminate the need for temporary crowns to be used. A temporary crown is used to conceal a tooth until the dental crown is created and shipped from a lab, which can take weeks. CEREC crowns are crafted directly at the dentist office and can be placed the very same day. With CEREC crowns, you can vastly upgrade your smile and correct broken teeth all in the period of a single afternoon.

CEREC crowns are customized using state-of-the-art computer technology to ensure your crown will be precise and fit and function to the ideal specifications your mouth desires. It can be shaped, crafted, adjusted, and shaded based on your specific needs to ensure the optimum care and function can be achieved from the crown. If taken care of your CEREC dental crown properly, it can last over a decade of heavy wear before it may need to be repaired or replaced

To learn more about CEREC, contact our team at Scripps Rock Dental by calling us at 858-530-0300. If you would like an oral exam or bi-annual professional cleaning, our dentist office is located in San Diego, California. We look forward to bringing your smile back to its fullest. Dr. Tony Hatch, Dr. Shivi Gupta, and Dr. Heather Russell are here to help you with your oral health needs!