Welcome to Our New Website!

Delivering Modern, Upbeat Dental Care for All!

At Scripps Rock Dental, we are committed to providing our patients with a streamlined, modern experience.

Whether you’re visiting us in person or online, we want your time with us to be as enjoyable as possible. That’s why we’ve decided that it was time to provide our patients with an online experience that matches the high-quality care you’ll receive the moment you pass through our doors. With convenient online forms, membership plan details, and information on our accepted insurance and financing options, we think you’ll find everything you’re looking for here on our new website.

Take a look around and see for yourself how we are helping San Diego smile brighter! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We love to hear from our patients and would be happy to help.

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“We are passionate about having fun, growing together, and caring for our community.”

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Welcome to Our New Website!

Scripps Rock Dental is now accepting new patients! We take a judgment-free approach to dental care and understand that it can be difficult to stay on top of your oral health. Life can easily get in the way, but we are here to encourage you on your journey to achieving your smile goals, whatever they may be! Whether you’re coming to us for routine preventive care or a total smile makeover, our skilled team is ready to help you love your smile.

When you’re ready to take the first step, you can schedule your appointment online, or by calling us at (858) 530-030. We love welcoming new patients to our practice and we can’t wait to see you smile!

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