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root canalBack in the ‘olden days’, infected teeth had only one option: they had to be pulled!

Luckily, modern root canal therapy is able to preserve your natural teeth using conservative methods. If you’ve ever had a toothache or broken crown and wondered if you needed a root canal, rest assured: the modern root canal is routine to keep you smiling–and your teeth healthy.

Do I Have An Infected Tooth?

Your family dentist may describe a root canal treatment as a method in restorative dentistry used to relieve dental pain and save the original structure of a tooth (or teeth) where the tissue, blood vessels and nerves inside of a tooth have become inflamed.

Do I Need A Root Canal?

Are you experiencing any dental pain or unusual tooth sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks? This may be an indication of a tooth infection. Other root canal symptoms include:

  • Signs of deep tooth decay or damage
  • Severe tooth pain when eating or drinking
  • Tender or painful gums, or swelling in or around the gums
  • Infections at the tip of the root or inside the tooth canal
  • Cracked, broken or injured teeth

It may surprise you to learn that even a chipped tooth or regular tooth decay may require root canal therapy if left untreated.

This is why visiting your local family dentist for professional cleanings is so essential! At your family dentist, our team is able to detect any changes in your oral health that could greatly affect you, and will be able to prescribe an effective treatment plan.

What To Expect During A Root Canal

At Scripps Rock Dental, we have a trusted specialist who visits our office to perform root canal therapy that our patients find to be an easy and comfortable experience. Dr. Karpman gently removes any infected and diseased tissue to clean out the infected area and stop the spread of infection. The canal inside is then medicated to allow the surrounding area to heal.

Generally, but not always, a dental crown will need to be placed after the root canal treatment is complete in order to protect the tooth from any further damage. Dental crowns are commonly used to strengthen the remaining tooth and restore its appearance for a natural looking, fully functional tooth.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a natural-looking tooth covering, or cap, made of strong porcelain or ceramic. They are placed over the surface of your tooth to restore damaged teeth or tooth loss, or used as a sealant after a root canal where a filling is insufficient. They are so realistic looking that they are virtually undetectable! With a dental crown, you will be able to eat, drink, laugh, smile and speak with ease.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Treatments in restorative dentistry such as root canal therapy or endodontics can not only restore your dental health, but preserve the original structure of the tooth, too.

It’s important to remember that waiting to treat any dental pain or infections can not only introduce more significant pain, it can cause tooth loss and other systemic complications such as gum disease, jaw pain and TMJ, and changes in the alignment of your smile.

Your Ongoing Dental Care Is Important

After your experience with a Scripps Rock root canal, your recovered tooth can last a lifetime with proper care. You must consistently brush, floss, and visit your dentist for regular checkups!

At Scripps Rock Dental, our experienced dental team and trusted specialists are ready to heal you back to health. Call us today at (858) 530-0300 or visit us at 12112 Scripps Summit Drive, Suite C, San Diego, CA 92131. As your dentist in Scripps Ranch, we look forward to seeing you smile!

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