Dental Emergencies in scripps ranch

what is a dental emergency?

To state it simply, a dental emergency is any oral issue that is causing you pain that you cannot treat on your own. This means that a wide range of dental issues qualify as emergencies: toothaches, infected teeth, bleeding gums, cracked and chipped teeth, and teeth that have been knocked out in an accident. 

Dental emergencies rarely ever happen when it’s convenient, and that’s why Scripps Rock Dental offers same-day emergency appointments for any patient in pain. Call us at (858) 530-0300 to let us know that you’ll be stopping by so we can do our best to prepare for your emergency visit!

why is it important to get emergency treatment?

Once you experience a dental issue, time is of the essence when it comes to repairing your health and avoiding bigger problems down the road. For example, if a cavity isn’t treated right away, it can become an infection. If an infection isn’t treated with a root canal, you can end up losing your tooth. Once enamel is broken or a tooth is lost, it won’t grow back. Fixing issues as soon as they become a problem will help maintain oral health, confidence, and your overall wellbeing.

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At Scripps Rock Dental, patients often come in for emergency visits to repair cavities, infected teeth and cracked or broken teeth. These are a few of the most common treatments for oral issues:

dental filling example
Dental Fillings

This treatment is used to fill cavities and restore the structure of your tooth before more buildup of plaque and tartar cause more damage to your enamel.

root canal example
root canal therapy

If your tooth becomes infected, this treatment removes pulp from inside your tooth to restore its health and ensure that the tooth remains living. Often, a crown will be placed after this procedure to keep your tooth strong and looking beautiful.

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dental bonding

This procedure is used to fill in chips and cracks, and keep your tooth looking aesthetically pleasing after an accident.

dental crown
crowns and bridges

If a tooth is extensively damaged or you lose a tooth in an accident, crowns and bridges can strengthen and repair them.

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how do I make an appointment at Scripps rock dental?

Most people with healthy mouths can get veneers. Here are a few factors that may determine if you’re eligible:

Oral Health

You must have a healthy mouth free of gum disease, tooth decay, and other such issues to get veneers.

Orthodontic Issues

If you have severe issues with your jaw or bite alignment, these will need to be treated before you can get veneers.

Teeth Grinding

To get veneers, you must not grind your teeth or you may need to get a nightguard to protect your teeth. This helps prevent premature damage to your new smile.

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