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Our dentists and team use digital X-rays to capture high-quality images of your teeth and supporting structures. These pictures help us identify any developing problems and aid in planning more effective treatments to help restore your smile and your oral health. We invite you to call us at 858-530-0300 to learn more about digital X-rays in San Diego, California, and make your appointment at Scripps Rock Dental.

Taking digital X-rays, or radiographs, is essential for diagnosing dental disease and concerns. These radiographs show teeth, bones, and soft tissue to help dentists determine if there are caries or hidden dental problems, such as bone loss, that cannot be seen when looking into a mouth. Taking dental X-rays can also help catch dental disease early to prevent pain and expensive dental treatment, and help our dentists to plan some of the treatments offered at our practice, such as implant placements and root canal therapy.

Digital X-rays use very small amounts of radiation, and exposure to this small amount of radiation is safe. Generally speaking, digital X-rays produce 80-90% less radiation than film radiography. When a patient receives a full mouth series of X-rays, this is equivalent to radiation exposure in everyday life.

Contact our practice today for more information about digital X-rays and to make your next dental appointment!

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