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If you’re a sports coach, you probably do everything you can to help your players succeed in the game as well as in life. Little did you know, you also need to do everything you can to help them have top-notch smiles. Unfortunately, many oral injuries occur on the court, track, and field, so it’s important that you teach your players how to take good care of their teeth, gums, and mouths. To help you do so, our dentist, Dr. Tony Hatch & Dr. Shivi Gupta, has some tips for you.

The first tip is that you should encourage your players to wear a mouthguard when they are running, kicking, boxing out, throwing, and shooting. This is especially important if the sport is high in body contact, like football, soccer, basketball, and wrestling. Mouthguards are handy appliances that can protect your players’ teeth when their mouths are hit. This can help them avoid dental injuries and emergencies.

The second tip is to ask your players to insert their dentists’ contact information in their cell phones or in a notebook in their backpack. This will be beneficial if they do ever suffer a knocked-out, chipped, and broken tooth so they can see a dental professional immediately. All they would need to do is call their dentist and schedule an emergency appointment. Also, make sure to contact the parents. Once everyone is notified, help the player get to their dental office as soon as possible. This will help save the tooth.

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