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Remembering to brush your teeth each morning and night as well as flossing between your teeth and along the gumline once per day helps to remove the bacterial deposits that can lead to problems with cavities and gums disease. It’s also important to have a routine dental checkup performed by a dentist twice each year.

This outpatient appointment starts with thorough dental cleaning performed by one of our dental hygienists. It also includes a polishing treatment to help remove minor dental stains.

Once this is done our dentist, Dr. Anthony Hatch or Dr. Shivi Gupta will perform a thorough oral exam to look for any early signs of cavities and gum disease. If they notice any areas of concern, they will help you understand your treatment options. This might also include performing a preventive treatment.

At the end of the dental checkup, our dentist will also perform a routine screening for any early signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. You should let us know about anything abnormal you may have noticed in your mouth. Catching these serious oral health maladies early will go a long way toward improving your chances for successful treatment.

If you live in the San Diego, California, region and you are due for your next dental checkup, please call 858-530-0300 to schedule an appointment at Scripps Rock Dental.